Red wines Rumelia series

Rumelia Mavrud reserve, Rumelia Wine cellar


Hand-picked grapes from our own vineyards with controlled yield on 24.10.2013. After additional sorting at the winery this local variety is microvinificated in inox vessels. The wine obtained has matured in new American barriques for 30 months and then also in bottles.
The wine is with dense-deep color. The aroma is intensive fruity spicy with ink character. The taste is tight, dense with a sense of warmth and freshness. The body is rich with pleasant tannins and sweetness. The long aftertaste leaves a memory of minerality and quality wood.

Rumelia Syrah reserve, Rumelia Wine cellar


High quality grapes from own vineyards with controlled yield.
After a microvinification the wine obtained matures 4 years in new oak barrels and then in bottles too. The wine is with live, dense-deep ruby color. It is distinguished with a rich complex aroma where the nose can detect ripe blackberries jam, baked plums, seasonings, chocolate and cinnamon. The taste attack powerfully explodes in the mouth creating a feeling of warmth, fullness, durability and length. A wonderful final aftertaste leaves your pallet with a sense of warmth supplemented with feelings of velvet tannins.

Rumelia Syrah reserve, Rumelia Wine cellar


A selected wine from the best barriques of the winery. The grapes are from own vineyards with controlled yield, hand-picked and separated to berries. The fermentation is done in small inox vessels. The wine matures for 36 months in oak barriques. Rumelia Syrah Reserve 2011 is an impressive wine with deep, dense to impenetrable color and complex aroma of ripe, black berries, sweet seasonnings and herbs. Baked plums and dark chocolate really stand out. The taste is harmonious with spicy freshness and sweetness. The after taste is long and memorable with velvet tannins and baked fruits. A fine wine for red meats and appetizers. A decantation is recommended.