Red wines “MERUL” series

The wines of the Merul series are produced by the following varieties:  “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Merlot”, “Mavrud”, “Syrah”, “Chardonnay” and “Muscat”. These wines are typical representatives of the “new world” that conquered the wine manufacturing for the last couple of years. The maceration and fermentation of the grapes is carried out in stainless steel fermenters with precisely controlled temperature. The wines of this series are with live, vibrant color, intensive aroma, comprised of the aroma of well ripened grapes with fruit nuances characteristic for the variety and micro-area. The taste of the wines is dense, well balanced and harmonic. The aftertaste is lasting with feeling of the grape variety and fines.

Merul Merlot

“MERUL” – Merlot

The grapes for that classy young wine “Merul” Merlot is selected with great care from the vine years of the Thracian plain and by the skillful combination of the local traditions with modern technologies, we were able to create a wine with deep ruby color, rich aroma of ripened black fruits, balanced soft tasted and long aftertaste.

Merul Selection

“MERUL” – Selection

Unique combination of the ancient Bulgarian variety Mavrud with the classical Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. A wine with a pleasant ruby-red color, gentle aroma of ripened red fruits, velvet body and fresh elegant taste with an appropriate ending.

Merul Cabernet Sauvignon

“MERUL” – Cabernet Sauvignon

Награди на Винарска изба РумелияElegant dry red wine with attracting ruby color manufactured by Cabernet Sauvignon variety. A wine with intense aroma, enriched with the typical nuances of the variety. The taste is harmonic and balanced.

Merul Mavrud“MERUL” – Mavrud

The oenologists pay special attention to the ancient Bulgarian variety Mavrud so the control of the raw material required for its creation is extremely strict.
The intrigue with Mavrud tasting starts with the color of the wine – dense, ruby with violet nuances.

Rumelia SyrahSyrah

Red dry wine with impressive density and saturated ink-violet color. In the complex nose, you can fine ripened cherry, baked plumb, sweet seasonings and herbs. The harmonic taste leaves a feeling for sweetness, warmth and freshness.
Fine wine, suitable for consumption at temperature of 16-18 degrees with local dishes and matured cheeses.

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