From Upper Thracian Plain...

Our wines

The grapes for our wines are produced from our proprietary vineyard, located in the Thracian plain. The compulsory “green pruning” is utilized in order to reduce the yield to the required quantities.

Our vineyards

The establishment of the vineyards started in 2005 after numerous studies and tests of region’s soil, climate and air currents.

Wine tourism

Rumelia wine cellar will not stay hidden behind an elegant bottle and a stylish label. The true connoisseurs and high quality wines lovers can be initiated in the secrecy of wines manufacturing.


Rumelia Wine Cellar


The Upper Thracian plain is part of the historical and geographic area of Thracia and it is most commonly overlaid with the name of Thracia, the cradle of wine manufacturing. White and red grape varieties are grown in this area, but the red wines are dominant in terms of quantity and dignity. The area is mostly flat, but the vineyards are located on hill terrains in the foothills of Sredna Gora, Rhodope mountains and Sakar. The favorable temperatures and appropriate forest and sand-clay soils are extremely appropriate for red wine grape varieties. The most common varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mavrud. The village of Smilec has a long history throughout the centuries. Its existence can be traced back to the Thracians. The Romans populated these lands between II century B.C. and VII century A.C. – afterwards by the Slavs.