Wine for health and beauty – part one


Wine and health

The healing properties of the wine were known by the ancient Greeks. They used is an antiseptic mean. The wounded soldiers were treated with wine and their bandages were soaked with wine. In his manuscripts, Hippocrates describes the extraordinary propertied of the red wine as a mean for curing anemia and general tonic.

Rumelia червено виноThe red wine is healthier than the white. The red wines are produced form whole grapes and this is the reason why the polyphenol levels are higher. The technology for white wine manufacture requires the grape skin to be separated, after the grape juice is extracted.
It is claimed that the anti-oxidant effect of the read wine is times higher compared to vitamin E. The wine reacts with the holera embiro, typhus and TB bacillus, destroys different viruses, like poliomyelitis and herpes.
The wine drinkers suffer from flu more rarely. A cup of hot red wine with sugar or honey is prescribed for the treatment of severe respiratory diseases, flue, bronchitis, pneumonia.
If a compress with red wine is placed directly over the lips, it reduces pain and does allow the herpes to form a thick skin.The red wines, rich of tanning substances are good for treatment of indigestion and stomach pains. The wine normalizes the function of the nervous system – it is has real anti-stress properties and is mild natural tranquilizer. The high-calorie dessert and Muscat wines and champagne have the best effect in fighting fatigue and depression. Half glass of wine normalizes the night sleep.
The dry red wines take out of the system radionuclide and toxins and improve the immune system. They are recommended for anemia.

Rumelia бяло вино The white wines, with their diuretic properties, help in pielonephrites and cystitis and also support the arthritis prophylaxis. The light white wines and especially the Champaign, improve the cardiac activities. The white semi-dry wines improve the elasticity of the blood vessels; reduce the thrombi risk and heart attacks. The Champaign excites the breathing centers in the lungs and stimulates blood circulation by expanding the blood vessels in the brain.

Rumelia wineDose: As every drug, if misused, the wine can cause harm. If wine is mixed with other spirits, the effect over the organism is negative. There is an ongoing argument if the systematic drinking of whine, even with purposes of cure, does lead to alcoholism. It is widely known that quantities used defines a substance as good or bad. In order the wine to be good for us, we must know how much to drink and quantity depends on the individual peculiarities, sex, gender, height etc. The recommended consumption per daily bases is 300 g wine, with concentration of 12% vol. to be taken with food. It should be noted, that the above dosage is for men, the dose for women is two times smaller. Only the absolutely natural, quality whine has healing properties. The fake wines do not have healing properties.
Contra-indication: The wine is not appropriate for kids, pregnant women and for alcoholics. It is not recommended to combine wine and drugs.

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