Our vineyards


The establishment of the vineyards started in 2005 after numerous studies and tests of the region, in terms of soil, climate and air currents. The place is located in the village of Smilec – in terms of geography in Pazardjik field, and in terms of wine region – in Thracian plain.

The total area of the vineyards is 54 hectares, located in two allotments– “Bakadjik” and “Peso pole”. The grape varieties structure is as follows – Mavrud, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah for the red and Muscat ottonel and Chardonnay for the white wine varieties.

The location of each of the grape variety is chosen according to the soil properties of the allotments and the peculiarities of the vineyards. The saplings are with Bulgarian origin. The construction for the vines is with wooden posts and the number of vines per hectare is according to the requirements for high quality wines.

After couple of vintages we can say that the raw material is with extremely high quality, which can be guaranteed through time. The good raw materials are the main prerequisite for perfect wine.