Rules for using wine in cooking

The wine is an extraordinary product, which apart from all other great qualities, is great addition to cooking.
It gives aroma and makes meat tender and juicy. It underlines the taste of given foods and makes every meal remarkable. In order to get good results in cooking with wine, you should pay attention and follow some rules:

The first and most important rule: when cooking, use only wine that you would drink. NEVER use a wine that you would not drink. If you do not like the taste of a given wine, the taste it is going to transfer to the dish will not be pleasant for you.

Second rule: Do not use the so called “wines for cooking”. Generally, their quality is not very good and they can spoil the meal. The cooking process or reduction will underline the worse of a given wine.

Third rule: It is not required to use expensive wine for cooking. A good, not very expensive wine, but wine, which you like, will be perfect. Keep the expensive and matured wines for the meal serving.

Fourth rule: Have fun! If you are not having fun while preparing the meal, it is pointless to do anything. Even if you cannot get the perfect combination from the first time, it does not matter – the important thing is to prepare the meal with love and a smile.

During the cooking process, the alcohol of the wine evaporates and the only thing left is the pleasant aroma. During the cooking process, the aroma gets more intense, so you must be careful with the quantity of used wine, because if the wine is too much, it is going to dominate all other ingredients.
 In order to get the best result, you should add the wine just before the meal is served. It should spend some time cooking with other products in order to extract the entire aroma. When you add the first sip of wine, wait for ten minutes and then decide if the meal needs more. But please remember that wine is not appropriate for every meals so choose carefully and if you are going to cook for a happening, prepare the meal at least one time before the event.

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