Muscat ottonel


Muscat ottonel is white wine grape variety selected in 1852 in the town of Angers, France by Moro-Rober. Created by the crossing of the varieties Chasselas and Muscat de Somur. During the second half of XIX century it spreads first in Western Europe, than in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the variety is seen in

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Rules for using wine in cooking

The wine is an extraordinary product, which apart from all other great qualities, is great addition to cooking. It gives aroma and makes meat tender and juicy. It underlines the taste of given foods and makes every meal remarkable. In order to get good results in cooking with wine, you should pay attention and follow

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Panagurites golden treasure


It belonged to unknown ruler of the Odrisi tribe form the end of IV and beginning of III century B.C. It comprises of 9 golden objects, with total weight of 6,164 kg: One phiale and eight rhytons. Such vessels from precious metal are symbols of social status and are used in ritual activities of Thracian

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